Jesus in Strained Glass

A classical Jesus artwork on Strained Glass

Men in red : An unique photography

Men in red !

Weight lifting : Do not try this at home

Ant can lift something 50 times its own weight. That would be like a human lifting a truck!

The biggest soap bubble you ever seen

Big ggggggggggggg and bulky soap bubble . Amazing !

Tata Nano diamond miniature

While everyone awaits the launch of the Nano with bated breath, Diwansons Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. recently created a diamond-studded miniature version of the car, which was unveiled at IIJS 2008 at NSE Complex Bombay Exhibition Centre. Comprising a total of 15,568 pieces of tiny diamonds worth 243.870 carats, the model which is a complete eyecatcher, has drawn appreciation from jewellery lovers across the country. The model has also won a prize for the best design at IIJS 2008 .

Weird lingerie spotted in Beijing

Models present weird creations for an international lingerie design competition in Beijing July 31, 2008. Japan won the competition.

Restaurant of 2050

Excellent futuristic restaurant interor designing

A Plane to the Moon

A plane to the moon : An amazing photography

Black Green Buddha

Black Green Buddha

An unique sculpture

The Golden City at night

The Golden City view at night

The Stone Wall , A different photographical approach

A different photographical approach to click an unique stone wall

Fresh Gold from mines

Playing marriage

'Jasper' and 'Levi' after their ‘I will’ vows during the children’s wedding day at the Science Museum NEMO in Amsterdam on 9 July 2008 .

On this day, children are married, but the marriages are dissolved at sunset.

World’s tallest and fastest rollercoaster

This is the world’s tallest (310 feet) and fastest (92 mph) rollercoaster, and is supported by 226 footers using 9,400 yards of concrete. It took 175 truckloads of steel make up the frame. One train weighs 19 tons.
This coaster is not only a tribute to its engineers for being the world’s largest, but engineers employed a host of new technologies. For example, the elevator cable system--used for first time on a roller coaster--ensures a smooth trip up the hill, and a magnetic braking system replaces the traditional friction approach.

Fireworks over Brooklyn Bridge

Fireworks over the Brooklyn Bridge
built over the East River linking Manhattan to Brooklyn, during its 125th anniversary celebrations in New York on Thursday

India House in New York

The India house is located on Hanover Square, between Pearl and Stone Streets , NY.
Constructed at 1851-54.
More details and credits to :

Cycling on Water : Indrajaal

He can do anything with the water of India !
Magician PC Sorcar (jr) cycles on a pond at his Baruipur studio. This amazing trick is called cycling on water , a new presentation from him.
Original picture by aranya Sen for the telegraph , Kolkata.

Six-Legged Octopus Found in England

British marine experts have found what they claim is a world first — a six-legged octopus, or “hexapus”, whom they have christened Henry. The unique sea creature, which has two limbs fewer than a normal octopus, is believed to be the result of a birth defect rather than an accident, say his keepers at the Blackpool Sea Life Centre in northwest England. “We’ve scoured the internet and talked to lots of other aquariums and no-one has ever heard of another case of a six-legged octopus,” said supervisor Carey Duckhouse. Henry was discovered in a lobster pot off the north Wales coast two weeks ago, and was one of eight creatures that Sea Life staff picked up from a local marine zoo there — where staff hadn’t noticed his missing legs. It was only when he attached himself to the inside of a glass tank that Sea Life staff noticed he was two limbs short of a full set. Octopuses are renowned for having three hearts and blue blood, but not usually six legs.

Cat on a tree

A cat climbed a coconut tree 40 feet long and after four days the scared cat was rescued by fire department , at Ashoknagar, near Kolkata.

Gold , Glitter & Glamour

The World Gold Council could not have picked a more sparkling example as brand ambassador for its "Collection G" (specially created for Valentine’s Day )than Miss Sri Lanka 2007, Jacqueline Fernandes.
Unveiling the collection at D’damas, the beauty queen said, “Collection G represents everything that is young, fun and chic. The special Valentine’s gold collection can be worn everyday. I think all young women would love to receive a Valentine’s gift like this from someone they love.”

Tata's Journey from Truck to Nano

1954 : Tata launched its first Mercedes Benz diesel truck, Telco.

2008 : Tata Motors launched the most-awaited car of the year, its one-lakh car called Nano, at the 9th Auto Expo

Tolly Club

As you roll through the gates of Tollygunge club down the driveway and in full view of the sprawling green grounds, brethe in the fresh air. You can forget you are in bustling, busy, smoke filled Kolkata city.

Soccer power

Maliah Hussaini (right), member of the Afghan women’s national soccer team, with her team-mates during a training session at a sports academy in Ostfilden on Wednesday. The national soccer team practices in a training camp which has ben organized and financed by the German Olympic Committee

Playing with the snow

Tourists playing with snow in front of Toy train .
Location : Darjeeling, India.
Time : End January,2008

A nice Mushroom

A great burning yellow orange colour make this mushroom a piece of living beauty , but it may be poisonous !

Simla cold wave freezes tree

Destruction of Eggs

It is an amazing incident in West Bengal to combat with Bird Flu

Living with the Bike

Some people like to live on their bike

The Unique Bridge

wooden bridge
The brige is always looks as feeble , in actual, it is structurally safe.