Soccer power

Maliah Hussaini (right), member of the Afghan women’s national soccer team, with her team-mates during a training session at a sports academy in Ostfilden on Wednesday. The national soccer team practices in a training camp which has ben organized and financed by the German Olympic Committee

Playing with the snow

Tourists playing with snow in front of Toy train .
Location : Darjeeling, India.
Time : End January,2008

A nice Mushroom

A great burning yellow orange colour make this mushroom a piece of living beauty , but it may be poisonous !

Simla cold wave freezes tree

Destruction of Eggs

It is an amazing incident in West Bengal to combat with Bird Flu

Living with the Bike

Some people like to live on their bike

The Unique Bridge

wooden bridge
The brige is always looks as feeble , in actual, it is structurally safe.