An unique Kaleidoscope

kaleidoscopeAn unique kaleidoscope art and craft seen on the streets of California.

Some unusual Diwali rangoli designs

rangoli diwali 2009 Rangoli is one of the most popular art forms in India. It is a form of decoration with colours , and is used commonly outside homes in India.
Rangoli patterns or Rangoli designs are created usually in great colourful patterns.
There are some unusual designs what people created during Diwali .

diwali pictures
diwali rangoli design
indian rangoli
lotus rangoli diwali
rangoli picture

rangoli diwali
obama rangoli

Google logo in Barcode

Google bar code logo
Google has changed its logo as a Bar code.
A barcode is an optical machine-readable representation of data. Originally, bar codes represented data in the lines and the spacings of parallel lines, and may be referred to as linear or 1 dimensional barcodes or symbologies.
On 20 October 1949, Mr.Woodland and Mr. Johanson filed a patent application for "Classifying Apparatus and Method", in which they described both the linear and bullseye printing patterns, as well as the mechanical and electronic systems needed to read the code. The patent was issued on 7 October 1952 . Google remembering the day.

Turtles are safe now

turtle animal pics
Although many turtles spend large amounts of their lives underwater, all turtles and tortoises breathe air, and must surface at regular intervals to refill their lungs. They can also spend much of their lives on dry land.
The earliest known turtles date from 215 million years ago, making turtles one of the oldest reptile groups and a more ancient group than lizards and snakes. About 300species are alive today, and some are highly endangered animal.

Amazing cloud from space

Amazing cloud picture taken from space
Sometimes satellites offer another perspective for a cloud watcher´s imagination.

This Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) image from July 16, 2003, shows an eye-catching cloud bank over the Sea of Okhotsk, west of the Kamchatka Peninsula in far eastern Russia. The cloud looks rather like a person throwing a horseshoe, or, turned counter-clockwise, perhaps like a sleek cheetah striding out over the water. On the Kamchatka Peninsula, a few fires have been detected by MODIS and are marked with red dots.

When eyes are scary

Cat odd eye picture Two Japanese cats, one with normal, matching eye colour (homochromia), the other with differeing eye colour (heterochromia). Picture taken in Chiba, Japan, 2002.

An amazing duck

Amazing colourful duck picture The duck is truly amazing. A never seen colourful duck.