Fish / Eye

funny advertisement
Advertising peoples are really crazy !

Unique Balance

unique balance
An unique and funny balancing trick by four people.

How much decorated your toilet seat could be ?

Ever thought of decorating your toilet seats ? Some people have found this interesting and created those unusual artworks.
Toilet seat art

Toilet seat creative

Toilet seat creative artwork

Toilet seat decoration

Toilet seat decoration art

Quit and Live life

 Quit smoking
A tiny and unique quit smoking campaign .

Tattoo on head

tattoo on head
People, specially girls apply tattoo everywhere in the body , even in head!

Sashi Tharoor playing cricket

Sashi Tharoor playing cricket
Sashi Tharoor, minister, playing cricket . He has an instinct for cricket from days.

Weird Gold Sunglasses

gold ornament

The gold sunglasses is a gold ornament from the Chinese designer Zhu Fei weighs 111.33 grams. You might be thinking of these gold glasses to be another April Fool prank, but these are for real. You are supposed to see through those gold glasses, weird!